Friday, December 16, 2011

"It's Christmas Time In The City!"

 New York City defiantly knows how to do Christmas time! We had so much fun
going to Rockefeller Plaza, Radio City and Macy's.
It defiantly got me in the Christmas spirit!





Wednesday, December 7, 2011

ourLast Goodbye

So today was the day!! I Am SO proud of my Brother!!

Today i was watching a YouTube video of a convert talking about missionary work and he said something that i had nerver really thought about.. he said, " missionarys families give up a loved one for two years, so that their son/daughter can give families like mine Eternity together."

I just started to cry because that is so true. I was blessed to have a family that is already sealed together forever and we have the gospel in our lifes.  As tough as it is to send him off, what he is going to do the next two years is something not a lot of  people get the chance to do.

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

It was nice growing up with someone like you - someone to lean on, someone to count on... someone to tell on! :)

                                                                kelby picking his nose!
                                                                  ahh  weren't we so cute
                                                      swimming in grandmas new Jacuzzi
                                                   probably the one time kelby attempted to read
                                            Las Vegas Airport. when I went to the Philippians
New baby brother   

                                                           SANTA!!!! I KNOW HIM!!

Sooo who knew that telling one of your best friends good bye for two years would be one of the hardest things to do??  
Well, I recently had to do just that.. I tried thinking of all the times where I truly wanted to kill him ( trust me there are a lot of those!!)  but all I could think about how much im going to miss him!! 
we go way back like umm 19 years! We have always supported each other in just about everything! between me going to EVERY sporting event and him going to Every Choir Concert. there was nothing we wouldn't do to show we supported each other.
Kelby was always the quite innocent one and of course I was the Exact opposite. So when kelby came up with an evil plan, I usually got blamed for it! yup my life story!! 
One day kelby and I were fighting (which we did alot of when we were younger!)  He hit me with a N64 paddle and so I decided to stab him in the leg with a pencil who do you think got in trouble?? Yup you guessed it ME!  He is very good at getting my mom to side with him! 
As we grew up things kinda changed he wasn't just my younger annoying brother anymore he became my best friend! We went to high school only for a year together but it was SO much fun! My group of friends and his group of friends became one BIG group of friends! He always seems to know what to say to me to make me smile, he would be the first person to kick someone butt for me! 
I AM SO PROUD of him and he decision to go on a mission! I know it defiantly wasn't easy but I know he is going to make an amazing missionary! I'm going to miss his hugs that pretty much kill you, his Gansta rap music that is BLASTING while he is driving or showering. I'm going to miss his random phone calls and text messages! 
2 years isn't really that long when you think about.. okay it kinda is! but knowing that he is going to find families and bring them to know the truth of the church has got be one of the most amazing feelings in the world. 
                                                                            BYU game
                                                                      Best Friends Forever
                                                                       3 amigos
                                                                          Temple Square
                                                                         Our Last Goodbye!! :(
                                                                   Family Christmas Party
After Kelbs Misson Farewell

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I know Thanksgiving is tomorrow but I know for a fact that I will not have any time to update my blog! that is why I am doing it now! this time of year most people forget about thanksgiving.. ill be honest i am one of those people! I am a Black Friday/ Christmas Junkie!! Today I have had alot of time to think and be Thankful for so many blessings in my life! I couldn't possibly mention all of them. but here are a few.
                                     I have some of the BEST friends i could ask for!! these girls are my
lifesavers! after LONG LONG weeks, they always make my weekends so much better! i am so grateful that i have met these girls.
 I AM SO THANKFUL for MY Religion. Life can get confusing/hard/stressful. I know that the gospel is Always is and will be the same, i am so grateful for missionary's that give up 2 years of their life to be servants to the lord. i know that i wouldn't be the same person with out it in my life!
 My job.. i may complain about it and all the crap i deal with but i am thankful that i HAVE a job, alot of people are not as lucky as i am.. i have always been blessed with having employment!
 MODERN TRANSPORTATION!!! with out this i would not be going home for thanksgiving!! It amazing that you can hop on a plane and go ANY  where in the world! 
 MY FAMILY!!!!!!! okay so this is probably the think i am most THANKFUL for! I have the BEST family in the world! i really don't know what i would do with out them!! My dad works SO hard to provide for us he is always there when we need him. he would seriously do anything for us!
My dear mother.. words cant even describe how much i love this woman. She is my hero! she is the perfect example of what a mother should be. she is a best friend but also kicks us in the butt when we need it! she is a hard worker and is one the funniest people i know!
Kelby- this kid leaves on his mission in 2 WEEEKSSS ahhhh cant even believe it! i am so proud of him! he is one of my best friends in the world! i can talk to him about anything.
Hunter- well huntie huntie huntie is the smartest kid i know! he could talk someone who lives in the dessert to buy sand! no joke. even though he post embarssing pictures of me on Fb i still love him!!
Clayci lou- i have no idea where she came from haha she has so much attitude and personality. she is always down to go shopping with me or just chat on the phone with me!! i miss her!
I am so lucky to have these people in my life, I am SO excited to see them all tomorrow!!
and of course i could not forget my iPhone.. who i have named Lucy.. don't ask where is came from?? i love that i get SO much better service in my dungeon of a room! :) i love that i can facetime hunter!

  I am So thankful for many more things! i hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Quick little trip to the city. It's going to be so weird not being able to go on spur of the moments trips. NYC has so many different things to do! I am going to miss it!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

One Fine Fall Afternoon

One thing I LOVE about living so close to New York City is that I can go to church and then walk 
a couple block to central park. 
We had no idea that this particular sunday was the NYC Marathon it was really cool to watch how many people ran it! 
Central Park is Absolutely beautiful this time of year! Perfect Sunday afternoon with some of my BEST Friends!!