Monday, March 7, 2011


I have officially been living on the east coast for ONE month! i know crazy right?? February FLEW by I had the opportunity to go to New York City for the weekend and had a blast! The scary thing is when i was there i kept picturing myself living there! People keep asking me why i would want to live in the city.. I replied with one simple phrase, " SHOPPING" :) obouviously that is not the only reason, There is always something to do no matter want time it is, I LOVED just walking down the street and just watching people, looking at all the building and lights! I felt like i was in a Dream. i would defiantly have to say that i am a city girl. Its going to be pretty hard when i have to move back to Utah, No offence Utah.
I was living in Mt. Kisco, NY lets just say That did not work out AT ALL!!! enought with that place i sure hope i never have to go back ;)
I am Currently living in Fairfield Connecticut its a beautiful little town.. i live about 3 maybe 4 blocks away from the beach! i wish it was Actually summer! i am part time nannying for a family that is absolutely adorable.
Noah is 9 and in 3rd grade. He is very outgoing and loves to DANCE! he is a tipical boy!
Franseca is 6 and in 1st grade. she is a soical butterfly, she a chatter box like me so lets just say our conversations are very interesting, and you might not get a word in with us. her favorite song is " What the Hell" or in her words " what the how" by Avril Lavigne. She is so cute she knows every word to ANY song you can think of!
Im Currently looking for a full time family to work for, which make me kind of stressed out in a way, but im learning that sometimes you just have wait and see what life brings you.
Between Cami,Kiley and my Mother i think i have gone over on my Cell phone minutes. Its true i love to talk! who would have guessed??
My Mom always knows what to say to keep my spirits up! Im so grateful for her and miss her so MUCH!!!! I feel like she can alway read my mind, if im sad but trying not to let any one know she always knows... Mothers have some kind of 6th sense.. CREEPY!
Kiley- man what can i even say about this Man... i think i might have a bit of a crush, Shhh dont tell :) i think i have talked to him about every single situation i have been in. I love chatting with him. He always has the best advice, and is ALWAYS wanting to go on Vacation.. who can argue with a Vacation right?? haha We may Disagree on a few things like, The Rain, Byu vs Utah. i alway tell him that he Hates everything i love.. which is not true we share the love of a nice Refreshing PEP!!! He was my tour guide around New York City, he did show me every aspect of the city, times square, canal street, CRAZY people getting mugged or hit by cars, Broadway, the temple and MANY more things. It was one of the best trips ever! im so thankful that i have him to chat with!! he is pretty much amazing!!
My Dear Bestie! Camsta! THIS girl can Seriously Read my mind.. even when im 2500 miles away. she is always there to listen to me and my problems, and about my love troubles! she is seriously a saint! I dont think she really realizes how much i miss her!!
well i better go PEACE & LOVE