Monday, April 30, 2012

Ever got stuck in Wendover??

Have you ever talked about doing something super random and then actually do it??
Well one night Landon and Shawn were telling me about how they go to Wendover and Vegas all the time to Gamble. They Kept saying how big the win! One Saturday night Landon, Shawn and I and their 2 friends decided to go to Wendover. we left around 6 and got there around 8. We played the tables for a while and around 12:30 we decided to head home. what we didn't know was that the power had gone out and all the gas stations and everything besides the casinos were closed. We drove around for a good hour, looking for a place to stay! We had NO luck!! So we decided that we would all take turns sleeping in the car! Landon and I slept first all though I could not sleep it was freezing! Shawn and the other two were walking around the casino. After trying to fall asleep for an hour I finally gave up and went to fine the others to see if they wanted to sleep. For the next 6 hours we hung out watching the same sports replays in the sports bar. Shawn and I fell asleep and the security guard came and yelled at us! We were SO tired and all we wanted to do was sleep! After was seemed like days the power was finally on! We hoped in the car got gas and was outta there!! I didn't get home until 11am it was the funniest most random night of my life!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

April Shower's Bring May Flowers!

I have totally sucked at blogging! but working 7 days a week and working out 5 days a week, blogging seems to be on the bottom of my "Things to Do" list.
    March and April seemed to be full of Drama, between boys,friends,family, you name it.
I moved home from New York to be with my "Best Friends"and that kinda back fired in my face. Honestly I have found out who my true friends are!

I am still working at! LOVE IT! I love the girls I work with! I'm going to be SO sad when my friend Jen and her Husband move to Georgia.
I started back with Marriott on the weekends! its kinda stressful working 7 days a week but, the money is definalty good! :)
I am anxiously a waiting for my friends from NY to move home so we can all live together!
I have finally Decided that I'm going to go to school next fall. Don't ask what Im going to study (not really sure). I'm soo excited for summer! I have a good feeling about this summer! I have made a new friend Kalli!! She is my workout buddy/venting friend!! We have already decided that we are going to make this summer amazing!!!
Hunter is moving to Kanas City in a month! It's going to be Really weird have both boys gone!
The other day I found out that one of my BEST friends from New York is moving to Orlando! I'm do excited for her she is from Iceland but came to ny to be a nanny, then she moved back to Iceland and now she is moving to Orlando!! Soo it looks like I will be taking a trip to Florida soon! Anyways that pretty much was April in a nut shell!! Let's hope and pray may will be less Dramatic!! But who knows when your extended family is a bunch of crazy fools!