Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I am so so sorry I'm such a slacker!! I keep telling myself that I need to Update My blog but do you think I ever do it??

All i have to say about this is getting your teeth out Sucks!! Hunter and I got them out at the same time. and of course hunter is completely fine right after. I think i cried that whole first day. I'm sure my mom loved me that day! ;) Hunter would not shut up, and I couldn't talk to tell him to shut up! he didn't swell AT ALL!! and I on the other hand looked ridiculous !! It was soo soo bad! but I'm all better and back to normal. (thank goodness).

 So about a month ago I went to the BEST concert of my life!! PARACHUTE! I am so in love with this band. I was front and center. They pretty much played every single song that I'm obsessed with!
(ask my coworkers that's all we listen to) So after they play you could go and meet and greet them! I got to meet the ENTIRE band! yes I about died, Boys Like Girls were also there and they actually surprised me, they were really good!

I hate Halloween with a passion. I have really never liked it. This year my plan was to hand out candy to all the little monsters who came to my house (fun right). Then Connor said there is a Jazz game that night so of course I was sooo down for a Jazz game! so then they tell me I have to dress up for the game. NO NO NO!!  They were NOT going to get me to dress up! Connor dressed up as Peter Pan, Kalli went as Minnie Mouse, Jake went as a Construction worker (very original right??) and guess what I went as........ a ARMY Girl. for some odd reason I actually trusted Jake to do my face paint, big mistake! Over all we had a Blast! I'm happy I went along! oh and the Jazz Won! :)

For almost 2 weeks my mom and dad went to Houston and guess who was in charge? yup you guessed it MEEEE!! I guess you could say that I really like being the Boss! It was actually really fun Clayci and I pretty much had a girls night every night. Hunter seemed to survive well (he was never home).

okay so everyone I think knows how long I have waited to turn in my papers / get my Call.. well Hunter and I had a meeting with the Stake President November 4th he told us that our papers had been sent and to expect them about a week later. That next Monday I got a Phone call from my Bishop he told me that Hunters papers were in the mail and that mine were not. I felt very disappointed and discouraged, for a split second I wanted to give up and just not go. I felt like I had been waiting for 7 months and every little thing was in my way of going on a mission. I called my mom in tears, the first thing she told me was "its not your time its Heavenly Fathers Timing and he isn't ready for you to serve quite yet" after hearing that it made me feel a lot better. It was so true who knows why I hadn't received my call I might not never know but it happen for a reason, and I just needed to have faith.
Last Wednesday Hunter received his mission call! I was so excited but a bit jealous because I wanted my
call. For the pass month or so I have been telling Hunter he was going to go to Ghana! I think I told him everyday or close to everyday. so when he opened his call he paused and just looked at me, at first I was a little confused? Then he said Accra Ghana! I couldn't Believe it! I have never felt so excited for one of my siblings! I know that you are called where your needed. Hunter is going to make a great missionary.
On Saturday I got a text from my bishop telling me that my MISSION PAPERS were in the MAIL! I wanted to cry/scream/laugh/jump all that the same time! Now I'm anxiously waiting to pick up my call... 2 more days 2 more days.. I have waited 7 months whats another Day right??  WRONG its bee the longest weekend of my life and 2 days feels forever away! moral of the story??? HAVE FAITH and TRUST IN HEAVENLY FATHERS TIMING. EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT HOW ITS SUPPOSE TO WORK OUT!