Thursday, July 28, 2011

Besties For Life!

I knew this day would come but i didn't think it would come this fast! I have mixed emotions about this big event that is going down tomorrow!
20 years ago I met my best friend she just happened to be my cousin. When I think of my childhood there are very few memories with out this girl! We would always spend a week with each other at our houses during the summer. we would watch Grease , play school, we pretty much invented american idol!!  I remember being at my grandmas house when we were 7-8 years old talking about when we graduated high school that we were going to move to Oxford England and go to school... Well she would go to school, I would settle for working at the bookstore and hopefully marry a hot britsh man!  In high school I would be in tree-town or she would be down in SF almost every weekend. Around came graduation, We spent the whole summer buying stuff to move out.. (no we did not move to England) we settled for Orem instead. We did so much CRAZY stuff when we lived together. between the late night ihop runs with landon, movie nights with Ethan, Laying out by the pool everyday. and of course selling our souls to the Jazz. there was NEVER a quite moment. Cami has always been the person who tells me how it is. she has always been an amazing example.. sometimes I wanted to kill her because it seemed like she was perfect!! She is a VERY driven girl who knows what she wants, and knows how to get it!
Everyone says that when you get married you forget about your friends. :( i'm really hoping this doesn't happen! We are going to live next door to each other and our kids are going to be best friends and we are going to grow old!! ;)

Austin is a very lucky guy! I wish you guys The best of luck!! I'm sad that i'm ALL the WAy out here in NY but I hope you know how much i love you and how much i wish i could be there!!
LOVE YOU CAMSTA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Book Smart or Street Smart???

The last couple of weeks i have been very stressed out. I have been trying to decided on what to do with my life. if i should stay out here in New York, go home, go on a mission?? It seems like every time I talk to someone they are always pushing "Go to School" "you need to start thinking about your future" I'm kinda getting sick of people telling my what i should do. i know that i should go to school and start thinking about my future but I'm really having a BLAST out here. I am learning so much about myself and becoming independent. I feel like I'm getting a different education out here that you cant get in a class room. it makes me sad to see most of my friends just going to school.. still living at home. I feel like most people have regrets because they stay in Utah their whole life. People think that moving a couple of hours away from where they grew up is a big deal. its really not, you can go home as much as you want.  I am so grateful for the opportunity i have been giving to be out here. Seriously i have made some of the BEST friends i could ask for.