Saturday, September 10, 2011

September 11th

                                            "May We Never Forget Those Who Have Fallen"

One september morning 10 years ago my dad came into my room woke me up and told me It was time to get ready for school. Like every other morning I dragged my self in his and my moms room, sat at the end of the bed and watched tv before actually getting ready. Like every other morning my parents were watching Fox and Friends. It seemed like a totally normal morning. Until at the bottom of the screen the banner in all caps and red letters said FOX NEWS ALERT! Small plane has hit the World Trade Center. Immediately they had live video and a man was talking about what  had happened. As my 2 brothers, my parents and I sat on the bed, we saw what looked like a plane heading stright for the other building , my mom started saying oh my gosh that plane just hit the other building, this wasnt an accident, America is under attack! Being in 5th grade I didn't really did understand why someone would do this? Its been 10 years since that day, I live around 20 miles from where it all happened. I have met people who where down there that day, people who lost co-workers. The first time I visited ground zero, it was kinda a surreal moment. New York is such a loud busy city. When your at ground zero there is still so much emotion. You forget your in a huge city. Before I came to New York I didn't know how real or how much this day affected real people. Now that I'm have met a few of the people its affected, it makes my heart hurt to think of what they had to go through. There is a lady who lost her husband, he was a fire fighter she gose down every saturday and conducts tours and tells her and her husbands  story. She said that when they found her husband he had placed is jacket over another person and had tried to protect them. He was only of the lucky ones, he didnt survive but it have his family a little peace. Around ground zero there is still missing posters hung with so many faces. Looking at it I was thinking that each one out them had familys they left behind. I got really emotional just looking at this  missing poster. Its sad to see that other countrys are so jealous of our freedom that they would kill thousands of innocent people. I am soo thankful to live in a country where I have the freedom to think, say, do what I want. Im thankful for our countrys military with out them I wouldnt have a the freedom and safety I do today!!
NYFD Memorial 

"May We Never Forget."

The missing poster for NYPD


Janell, Katelyn and I in front of Ground Zero

NYFD Memorial