Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Anxiously Waiting

For the pass couple of weeks i have been trying to get a job as a nanny, for some odd reason i have been wanting to move out side of utah for almost a year now. i think i need to get out and live life out side of my comfort zone. I have had a few interviews with a woman in Alexandrea VA which is out side of Washington DC. I really hope i get it! I seriously have so much Anxiety about it. She said she would let me know Friday if i got it or not. Friday seem so FAR away. I cant Eat, Sleep, or Work. I Really just want to GET this job so badly!

SoMe DaY i'LL be LivInG in A biG oLd CitY!

For My 20th Birthday Cami was a Kind Soul and took me to the Larry H Miller family Christmas party, which was amazing we got free Jazz tickets, yummy Cookies and a lot more free stuff.
after we went to Olive Garden . As we were walking we got in this mood where we take a lot of random pictures.. haha so we ran around Salt Lake taking crazy pictures. IT was FREEZING COLD! these are some of the Pictures we took!