Monday, April 18, 2011

Churchin it up in the CITY!

SO Sunday Morning Annalise and i decided to go to church in the city because, technically i am suppose to be in that ward. church started at 11 so we had to catch the 9am train. So after riding the train and a subway we found one of the coolest church buildings i have ever seen. 
As we walked in and sat down, EVERYONE was VERY kind and friendly introducing them self as soon as they saw us. I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Everyone i talked to were either in school ( law or medical ) or trying to make it big on Broadway. i felt kinda stupid because i'm just a nanny... but everyone seemed very interested. they were super cool people! I Fell in love with this ward!!! 
After Church Anna and i met up with her friend Kate, we walked around the city for a while than made our way to kate's apt. which is in the Bronx. 
We took the subway and slowly the train went from white/black/mexican to BLACK.. i was defiantly in a whole new part of town.. As we were walking down the street i could count on my hand how many white people were on the street. It was so crazy going from Manhattan to the Bronx. I wouldn't mind going back, during the day of course! :) 

Monday, April 11, 2011

what to do?

“It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return, but what is the most painful is to love someone and never find the courage to let the person know how you feel.”

For the last week i have had the strangest feelings that i should tell " Carl" how i feel about him. 
I have never felt this way about anyone before. I think he seriously knows everything about me.(which is scary)
We talk everyday for hours, and yet we never run out of things to talk about it.
He is so Dang funny, he can do the best impression of Bon Qui Qui.. and every time he dose i crack right up!!
Im scared that if i tell him how i feel, he will quit talking to me. i dont think i could handle that. He is 
the only one thats keeping me sane. he is one of the only people that call me to see how im doing.
being out here on the east coast ALL by my self i tend to get Very lonely! when people call from back home, 
all they do is make me feel like im missing out on things, or they make me feel like i shouldn't be out here. 
Some times i wonder if i made the right decision. 
When i express these feeling to him he always tells me that im young and should be living life, and not to 
worry about what other people think. 
I know what i have to do, i Just have to get the courage to do it! 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

                         “The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."
It Never seems real when you are looking at something that is so familiar but you know you have Never have seen it in person before. that is how i felt in Washington DC.
Washington Dc is seriously one of the Coolest Cities i have ever been to! there is SO much to see.. i was only there for a Short while but while i was there i saw so many cool things! 
The Weekend started out Not so good.. a simple April fools joke turned into a mess.. after it was all sorted out it was pretty funny. my bus was delayed and i didn't get there until 2am. I was so excited when i finally got off the bus! My dear Friend Kiley, was so kind and picked me up and gave me an amazing Tour of the city.. by the time we got in bed it was 5:30. The next day was filled with seeing all the "Famous" sites. i got to check alot of things off my Bucket List which is always good! while i was there i became obsessed with the show The Big Bang Theory, i have seriously not laughed that hard while watching a Tv show! it was a super short trip but so MUCH fun!