Sunday, July 1, 2012

As of lately

So its been a minute or two since I last updated the world on my life.
A lot has happened in the last couple of months.
First off Hunty and Kels graduated high school!! 1 week later he moved to Kansas City to sell.
Last week My Mom, Clayci and I went to lopqqDallas for the Trade show! It was a lot of fun! I got to see one of my good friends Jade while I was down there. I have come to the conclusion that i WILL live in Dallas one day.
My best friend Kristin is moving back to Utah from New York!
Cami is Prego! She is have a little girl!! She is due sep 9th ( I think? ) I can't wait to spoil her rotten
I have been meeting with the missionaries and the bishop talking to them about going on a mission.. (it's not official) but I'm defiantly considering going. It has been something that I have always seen my self doing.
This summer has been so much fun Kourt, Nic, Mere, Syd and I have been soaking in the sun.. Well not really we pretty much work durning the day but between fires, friendship bracelets, jamberry toes, sushi, Pretty Little Liars,
"Black" Movies, the list could go on and on! We have had a blast!
So that's pretty much my summer so far! I'm super excited for july! Hopefully it will be amazing!

Dallas Market Center
20 hours 7 mins to Dallas
Hunty is all Grown up!
Road trips to dallas.. we where a little excited.
Dallas Market Center. 15 floors +3 buildings = amazing week of shopping!
First day at the show
Dallas Temple!
Jade and I
New Mexico
Friendship Bracelets