Sunday, October 23, 2011

A day in the City!

Like Every other weekend a group of us girls get together and go down to the city. 
Yesterday Kristin, Sheridan, Cheyenne and I all decided to go to downtown. 
We saw the Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street ( stupid protester!) Ground Zero, Battery Park, 
We took the Staten Island Ferry, China Town and Little Italy! 
I should probably not go to china town for a while! I tend to spend money, but seriously i got a Chanel purse Jimmy Choo purse for my mother. 2 Dvds, Micheal Kors watch and Chanel Earrings. It was a good day on Canal Street! After a long day of site seeing and shopping we at in little Italy, which is always so Yummy!! It was  such a fun day! 

Monday, October 17, 2011


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The last couple days I have been really thinking about all the people in my life.
I honestly look at my amazing family and wonder how I got so lucky to be apart of this family. 
looking back in life I realize how much god has been apart of my life. I didn't realize how ONE simple Rejection got me SO many positive things! At the time of this "rejection" I was VERY upset! I kept  thinking to myself  "why cant one thing I want just work out" I remember calling my mom and telling her the news. she kept saying "Well everything happens for a reason. right? Seriously I use to hate when people said that. I always thought of it as an excuse. Now almost a year and a half later I can really see that EVERYTHING REALLY DOES HAPPEN FOR A REASON! I can honestly say the last year has been one of the hardest but BEST years of my life! I have met people, I would have never met with out this Rejection. honestly i'm so grateful for that! If I would have never met some of these people I can honestly say I would not  be out here in NY. Who knows where I would be or what I would be doing.  I still don't know everything about my self, But I do know that I am a strong independent person,  and I know that putting all my faith and trust in the lord everything will work out. It might not always work out the way I want it, but never the less it will work out. 
Thank you to all my friends and Family who have always been there for me. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011


OK i know I'm a slacker its almost been a month since i have been to Europe and i haven't updated my blog.. its been a bit crazy since i have been back!! 
    I cant even to begin how much fun i had on this amazing trip! Kiley and I flew from Washington Dc to Amsterdam then from Amsterdam to Prague. once we got to Prague it was like 11:00 am so immediately we Set out to see the city! I don't think I was prepared for what I was actually going to see.. Prague is a Beautiful smallish city its Very old and has amazing  architecture. Our hotel was in the middle of the city, so it made it Really easy to walk mostly everywhere! the first day we did a bike tour which  was SO much fun! the second day we did a walking tour that went pretty much all over the city and up to the Palace. they view from the Palace was absolutely stunning! later that night we did a night tour.. can i just tell you every tour we went on we were the youngest by like 50 years.. NO JOKE! anyways the night tour was OK.. our driver was drunk and we hit a couple of curbs, the tour guide well umm I'm not sure if it was a man or woman?? other then that it was really good! The Next day we woke up pretty early got on a REALLY nice bus and headed for Vienna. Once we got there we had no idea where are hotel was, and lets just say its REALLY hard trying to read a map in a different language. finally after a half hour or so I saw this some what attractive guy walking towards me so i simply asked him if he could help us. Of course he did, he was so nice! 
So we checked in and decided to go to the Castle that was really famous in Austria. it was SO pretty the gardens were amazingly perfect it had a gorgeous view of the entire city. that day it was actually really cloudy an rainy but it was still really pretty! Vienna was pretty it was pretty big so it was kinda hard getting around. it rained most of the time we were there, which kinda sucked. the last day in Vienna we decided to take a train to Salzburg best decision i think we made!! Salzburg was so Awesome!! the sound of music was filmed there and i LOVE that movie!! i got to see where they film pretty much everything i got my picture by the Original gazebo yes i know i was in Heaven. we saw where Mozart was born and his house he grew up in. salzburg was beautiful! 
    The next day we got on a train and headed to Budapest. our hotel was SO AMAZING! we were right on the water with an amazing view. i think the hop on hop off tour is the way to go! it lets you see everything and explains what things are and the history behind it! Budapest has a lot of beautiful buildings and at night the whole city GLOWS! it was honestly on of the most beautiful places i have ever been! I was really sad to leave. when we went to the airport i honestly just wanted to run out and stay! So when we went to Amsterdam they made me check in my carry on.. in Amsterdam we had like a 21 hour lay over so we stayed in a hostel yes I stayed in a hostel. we got to see Anne Franks house where they hid from the Nazis, that was really cool! we walked through the Red Light District which i DO NOT recommend anyone do! absolutely   disturbing! but hey it was defiantly an adventure. i honestly don't think i slept at all that night!! people in Amsterdam are very big party people so there was a lot of people that probably don't remember alot of what they were doing because they were high or drunk. it was really sad! 
This is just a glimps of my trip if i actually wrote everything that actually happened it might take a while! im only going to post a couple of pictures.. kiley took all the good ones so when i get them i stick some of them on as well!! I had The TIME OF MY LIFE!! this trip only made my traveling bug WORSE i need/want to travel the world!